to resolve 2012 contribution
Talented creator and all around nice guy Chris Streger hit me up a while back about contributing to his annual To Resolve Project where artists from all around contribute by creating iPhone wallpapers illustrating their new year resolutions. This year 12 designs will also be chosen to be printed so you can not only have some inspiration on your phone, but also hanging around your home.

resolution background
What many would characterize as the "Colorado lifestyle" is a way of life that has long been true for me, even before making the move to the Centennial State. This year, I hope to embrace that mentality even more fully, and in the words of William Penn, "advise justly, assist readily, take all patiently, defend courageously, continue a friend unchangeably and Adventure Boldly."
Make sure to head over and download my background to keep you inspired as we all head into 2012 together.