Dennis Busenitz Thunder Truck Full by Mackey Saturday

I was honored to have the opportunity to work on a new pro model truck for one of my personal favorite skateboarders, Dennis Busenitz. He's been on a rampage this year with a long list of accomplishments, the least to mention, taking 1st at Tampa Pro and having the ender part in REAL Skateboards video Since Day One.

Dennis Busenitz Thunder Truck by Mackey Saturday

Dennis not only has his own character in EA's Skate 3 but also maintains the respect of all skaters world wide with his non stop, full speed ahead style.

Here's a little video that was thrown up to show the trucks in production. Make sure to hit up your local skate shop and pick up a pair or bug them to order some for you. And for some eye candy, and daily inspiration, check out a few clips below of Dennis and why he's such a respected name in skateboarding.